Vujosevic Winery


Vujosevic Winery is located in the Central region of Montenegro, well known viticulture area between steep mountains on the north, Adriatic sea on the south, biggest lake on Balkan peninsula-Skadar lake on the east, and nation’s capital Podgorica on the west. Our philosophy is that winemaking begins in the vineyard, long before the grapes are harvested. We believe that inspired grape growing diminishes the need for intervention by the winemaker, and that superior wines that are grown, not made. Our focus is on inspired winegrowing - growing grapes in the perfect place with the right conditions, creating superior wines of world class character. This intentful winemaking expresses the inherent qualities of each varietal while showcasing the unique characteristics and a defined sense of place.


According to the legend, Hera, the wife of God Zeus was jealous to Dios, his son, because of attention the little boy received from his father. She decided to leave the boy at the bottom of black mountains, in the Valley of Zeta, to starve to death. To save his son, Zeus sent fairies from top of the mountains to Zeta, to feed the boy with powerful red liquid. It gave him divine powers and made him immortal. Dios than decided to make the whole land of Zeta fertile. On this Montenegrin land, Mondios was created, potent red Wine with the taste of Divine.

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